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Cast Stone Hoods

The main function of a cast stone hood used in the kitchen is to provide cover over the exhaust system. This system will usually be above the cook stoves. However, whether an individual uses a cast or limestone hood, it has to provide aesthetic values as well. In this case, it is important to make the correct choice when it comes to purchasing stone range hood. Nevertheless, it is also possible to get a custom-design stone range hood. This could be a simple hood or a luxury kitchen hood, which provides the focal point for a room.

cast stone hood


The best way to make the right choice when purchasing a stone kitchen canopy is to know how it works. This will mean knowing the various parts a hood has and what each part has to play. It does not really matter if it is a French country hood, travertine hood or a light cast stone hood. The best-quality hoods come in three parts. There is the over hood, the header and the support system. The over hood is the part found on top of the hood. It may or may not reach the ceiling and offers luxury unique design on the sides.

High end custom built homes have hoods whose headers come in a wide range of straight or relief patterned designs. The headers rest on the legs or corbels for support and can be used as mantle pieces if they protrude outward. As for the support system, this is usually the lowest part of the hoods. It offers support to the upper part of the hood. There is never one way to have a stone mantel on top of the range hood. It is possible to make individual specifications and have the hoods customized accordingly. For the most part, this will entail having the best stone hood company to do it at the most affordable prices.

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