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Genova Stone Range Hoods in 10ft Ceiling

This beautifully hand carved genuine Travertine Limestone stone range hoods is the perfect addition that will make your custom built kitchen exclusive and gorgeous. The Genova corbels are custom built and are very classical. They are very sturdy and strong and can withstand the heaviness of the stone range hoods. The canopy of this piece has been very meticulously hand carved.  The canopy has a recess layer in the center of the hood which will attract the eye.

stone range hoodsIn the middle of the recess layer is a decorative piece of stone design and is exemplified by the bordering recess layer, meaning to bring attention to the center medallion. This piece’s back splash runs along the entire wall of the kitchen. The back splash is a tile mosaic design that consists of slim rectangular stone pieces. For further information on this piece please call us at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at

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