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Luxury Natural Stone Kitchen Hoods

If you have a high end custom built home in big cities like Toronto, New York, Chicago among others you might want to compliment your kitchen décor with a unique design that comes with your range hood of choice. How your kitchen is designed will play a pivotal role in the luxury kitchen hood or any stone range hood that you select for your kitchen since the range hood will most probably serve as the focal point in the kitchen. The most experienced companies such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc. have luxury and custom design stone range hoods that will complement cooking surfaces of any size that your kitchen has. The variety of stone range hood ideas one can implement are:

natural stone kitchen hood


  • Old world

Though one of the most expensive, it gives a fashionable look to the kitchen. One can visit the old parts of cities like New York where old French country hoods and French limestone hoods design abound. Considered the ultimate luxury kitchen hood, it announces to any visitor that a true gourmet will be experienced in the home.

  • Paneled hoods

These stone hoods are suitable for kitchens with hand crafted cabinets as they complement the designs rather than disturb them. Consider for example the high ceiling stone hoods, the range hood will recede right into the upper cabinets leaving any visitor clueless as to the ventilation system. These range hoods that are cabinet faced have a huge semblance to the traditional kitchen woodwork. Most experienced companies who specialize in cabinet building offer this decorative option.

  • Low Profile

For those who are used to big homes, you might want to reside in a small apartment or condo in a different town. In this case the 60” range stone hood may not be appropriate that is why you will need a range hood that is small in stature. They are decorated with the latest halogen lighting, designer finishes and a rainbow of colors.

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