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Limestone Island Range Hood

Cast stone hood is the best option for stone island hood because this kind of hood is suspended from the ceiling the weight is the most important factor in designing the hood.

Mould stone hood is much litter than solid stone hood and is less expensive hood.

The thickness of cast stone hood wall in canopy is less than 1” which leave lots of room inside the hood for installing the hood liner. You can now easily use the cast limestone kitchen hood on top of your island for your 48” wolf range cook top.

The manufacturing process is fast and you can have the stone range hood installed in your kitchen less than two weeks.

The installation of cast stone island kitchen hood is pretty simple and any good general contractor can install the island cast limestone kitchen hood by using the Marvelous Marble Design hood installation instruction.

Please for getting the estimate regarding your island cast stone kitchen hood call us at 1-888-272-0630

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