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stone range hood

In luxury estate homes, stone range hood and limestone kitchen hoods have become an eye-catching staple and a complimentary feature of any high end kitchen cabinets and granite counter tops or limestone back splash. Marvelous Marble Design Inc, has become a premier supplier of natural limestone and cast limestone range hoods in california, New York ,Florida and Texas . We offer a wide selection of authentic natural  limestone travertine range hoods that are all hand-carved and impeccably formulated by some of the world’s most gifted sculptors. To supplement the high-end nature of all our kitchen hoods, our first-rate gallery has a stain-resistant and stain-proof chemical that has been specially pressurized to protect and guard our brand of range hoods from unwanted blemishes. Our marble kitchen hood gallery includes premium stone range hoods, which can have a statement-making kitchen / range hood mansard with a frieze panel that is ornamented by stone carved floral, arched headers, an over-hood that extends to your high-ceiling and crisscrossing stone ribs that add a dynamic yet professional touch.  We have 65″ Florence range hood Surround, with corbels and column legs that may be used to not only functionally support your range hood but also to eloquently bracket your header, which shadows your stove top to give it the illusion of sublime borders.

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