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Using Limestone Range Hood to Modernize Your Kitchen

Limestone range hood can be used perfectly and creatively to modernize your kitchen, as well as the entire house. As you embark on this venture, you ought to ensure that you vary textures in the kitchen. This helps to create a visual interest on the room as multiple materials are used together with various textures. If it is your preference, try to lighten the space and use custom made kitchen cabinets.


A bit of plumbing may be required in this type of work within the kitchen. Viking range hood is a perfect example of fittings that can be used to keep the kitchen upgraded to modern standards. The original layout of the kitchen can be maintained throughout this work without knocking everything down and starting afresh. Off-the-shelf cabinets have proven to be perfect for this kind of work too.


Gothic Limestone Range Hood

Gathic stone range hood

Residents of New York, Long Island and Long Beach have been known to love installing French limestone mantel in custom built mansion into their kitchen. If you reside in a large mansion, you will discover that dinner table can be set at the kitchen. If you are going to add other pieces of furniture into the kitchen to give you ample room for eating, French limestone hood might be the way to go too.


An extra feature known as above window shelving can be used well to modernize your kitchen. Some cherry counters and other antique islands in the kitchen are used to show off your collectibles. This helps to create a picture of warmth in the kitchen and keeps it attractive. Other features you ought to think of adding in the lime stone kitchen include wallpapers and apron sinks.


The fact that limestone products may form the larger portion of your modernized kitchen does not negate the need to apply contrast in the room. Dishes and other utensils as well as furniture in the kitchen should be given sufficient space rather than being squeezed together.


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Important Information on Placement of Your Limestone Range Hood in Beverly Hills, California

If you desire to remodel your lime stone kitchen through installation oflimestone range hood, it would be nice if you learn about the right and wrong heights to be observed. Many homeowners discover when it is rather too late, that they have installed the range hood at an inappropriate height, and this ends up affecting their overall design. If you are not knowledgeable in this issue, hire a professional designer. 

limestone range hood

It matters not that your residence is located in Massachusetts, or Manhattan, N.Y or even New Jersey, you need to observe the rules governing how high or low you can install limestone hood in your kitchen. With a bit of creativity, limestone range surround can be thrown into the mix with some innovativeness to give your kitchen an amazing look that will leave you impressed by it all.   Your height, as the user within the kitchen, determines how high or low, the range hood should be set at. The second determinant you need to focus on is how much energy will be spent in the kitchen to operate the range hood. If it is too high, a lot of energy will be used, and this may increase your monthly bills hence end up being quite expensive on your pocket. Make sure you can handle the upshot in energy bills.   The bottom-line when installing French limestone hood is that it hinges heavily on your personal needs as well as preferences. Try to avoid range hoods that are both shallow and much narrower than the stove as they will not catch grease or steam as effectively as might have hoped. Install range hoods that are as wide as the stove and whose depth reaches roughly 20 inches. They are the most efficient.   You could face insurmountable difficulties as you embark on this project. In order for you to avoid further complications from arising, hire an expert to perform this task for you from the start until the end.

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Add Character to Your Louisiana Kitchen With a Marble Range Hood

48 wolf range with stone range is the best alternative to remodeling your kitchen in Louisiana. This comes as a result of it having been tested and tried by many people here. It is very common here, and the popularity has only continued to increase.

marble range hood


Perfect remodeling cannot be understood without the mention of French limestone hood. As you may well know, one of the critical areas, you visit in the kitchen is where your cooker. You do this because most of what you are going to serve has to be cooked. However, as you cook, you do not want to be constantly irritated by the smoke which the cooker emanates. You want to enjoy every single moment you have to spend here.

Talking of the time spent in your kitchen, as a resident of Massachusetts, you know this is only possibly when you use stone hood. Using this product ensures you spend on time and money. You do not have to go out of your way to make your kitchen great. Its usage ensures this happens without much hustling.

You can also improve your kitchen by using French luxury hood. As the name suggests, it is a luxury hood which will make you fall in love with your kitchen all the more. This is the product you use if you want to enjoy the time you use cooking your meals.

On the other hand, if you reside in New York, luxury kitchen hood should do it for you. You can start enjoying the appearance of your kitchen. Tie has come when you are not afraid of who visits your kitchen. You can invite as many people as you want. You can even choose to have the dinning table taken to the kitchen.

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Redefining Your Kitchen With a Custom Designed Stone Range Hood in Charleston, Virginia

60 viking range with limestone hood is guaranteed to redefine the appearance of your kitchen completely. The designs which come with this option ensure your kitchen is a place you want to keep spending your time in. This is because of the elegance associated with the stone marble. It is also known to be very durable. You can therefore be at peace knowing it will take you a very long time before it can be replaced hence saving both your time and money.

stone range hood

It is equally important to note, as a resident of Virginia, you may also have great results if you choose to use marble range hood. Here, you are presented with a number of options to choose to choose from. You can have the color which makes you happy, and this is not all; you also have a chance of choosing the design.

Another critical option for the residents of Montana is French country hood. When you are using this hood, you need to be careful about who you hire to fix it for you. You need a specialized technician who has been tested to do it for you. The appearance of your kitchen highly depends on this technician, and it is going to look as good as the qualifications of him or her. There are many qualified technicians here. Take your time in locating the best. This will guarantee you like the results you get.

48 wolf range with stone range is also flaunted to give excellent results to you the resident of New Jersey. Perchance, you will also appreciate using la cornue kitchen. It is equally a very great alternative known for its pronounced colors and creative designs. The choices are as many as your interests are. There is something for everyone.

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Luxury Natural Stone Kitchen Hoods

If you have a high end custom built home in big cities like Toronto, New York, Chicago among others you might want to compliment your kitchen décor with a unique design that comes with your range hood of choice. How your kitchen is designed will play a pivotal role in the luxury kitchen hood or any stone range hood that you select for your kitchen since the range hood will most probably serve as the focal point in the kitchen. The most experienced companies such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc. have luxury and custom design stone range hoods that will complement cooking surfaces of any size that your kitchen has. The variety of stone range hood ideas one can implement are:

natural stone kitchen hood


  • Old world

Though one of the most expensive, it gives a fashionable look to the kitchen. One can visit the old parts of cities like New York where old French country hoods and French limestone hoods design abound. Considered the ultimate luxury kitchen hood, it announces to any visitor that a true gourmet will be experienced in the home.

  • Paneled hoods

These stone hoods are suitable for kitchens with hand crafted cabinets as they complement the designs rather than disturb them. Consider for example the high ceiling stone hoods, the range hood will recede right into the upper cabinets leaving any visitor clueless as to the ventilation system. These range hoods that are cabinet faced have a huge semblance to the traditional kitchen woodwork. Most experienced companies who specialize in cabinet building offer this decorative option.

  • Low Profile

For those who are used to big homes, you might want to reside in a small apartment or condo in a different town. In this case the 60” range stone hood may not be appropriate that is why you will need a range hood that is small in stature. They are decorated with the latest halogen lighting, designer finishes and a rainbow of colors.

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Luxurious Cast Stone Hoods

Several people have always believed that a stone range hood can only be used in high end custom built homes. However, you should note that whether it is a cast stone hood or even a limestone hood, it can be used in designing any kind of home. It is only the way in which you apply the stone hood that really matters. When using a stone range hood, it is also important that you consider the style to ensure that it enhances a touch of luxury in the home.


cast stone hood

In case you are having problems on how to find the most luxurious cast stone hood, the best place that you should visit is the internet. This will enable you to find a variety of styles of stone hoods to choose from including light cast stone hood, high ceiling stone hood, and French country hood among others. Besides, you are also able to find a custom design stone range hood that will definitely match your tastes. From the wide range of choices, you are able to easily get the best quality cast stone hood that you need.


The other advantage that you are able to get when you shop for a cast stone hood from the internet is that you are able to easily find a unique design without having to strain so much. In fact, there are several unique designs of 48” stone range hood, 60” range stone hood that you can choose from based on the space that is available in your home for the items.


Shopping from the internet is very convenient since you can do it from wherever you are and at any time that you need. Besides, when you buy the cast stone hood, it does not matter whether you are in Texas, Chicago, Florida or any other state, it can be directly shipped to your home.

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Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen

There are several ways through which you are able to apply stone range hoods in improving the appearance of your kitchen. However, you must note that limestone is only able to enhance the look of your kitchen if the luxury kitchen hood that is used is of the best quality and used in the most appropriate way. Besides, you should also ensure that you look for a professional plumber since the use of stone hood requires better skills. In fact, relying on a skilled plumber will ensure that you are able to come up with a unique design for a limestone hood that is able to match your lifestyle.


limestone hood

Most people prefer to have a stone kitchen canopy. However, when shopping for the items, always ensure that you go for the designs that are able to bring out the touch of luxury in your kitchen. There are several designs of stone range hoods that you can use in transforming the appearance. However, for your kitchen to look in the best way that you specifically need, it is advisable that you go for the custom design stone range hood. This will enable you to design the kitchen in the best way that suits your own lifestyle. Despite the kind of design that you choose, ensure that you look for a color that is able to depict the kitchen environment. To be able to match the walls and even the other surfaces done with stone hood, you may also consider putting a high ceiling stone hood.


In case you are looking into obtaining cast stone hood, limestone hood or any other kind of stone range hood for your kitchen, it is advisable that you go through the internet. For the best prices on limestone hoods, try to avoid shopping from the most expensive company even though stone hood s are considered to be expensive. Just look for one that is affordable.

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Cast Stone Hoods

The main function of a cast stone hood used in the kitchen is to provide cover over the exhaust system. This system will usually be above the cook stoves. However, whether an individual uses a cast or limestone hood, it has to provide aesthetic values as well. In this case, it is important to make the correct choice when it comes to purchasing stone range hood. Nevertheless, it is also possible to get a custom-design stone range hood. This could be a simple hood or a luxury kitchen hood, which provides the focal point for a room.

cast stone hood


The best way to make the right choice when purchasing a stone kitchen canopy is to know how it works. This will mean knowing the various parts a hood has and what each part has to play. It does not really matter if it is a French country hood, travertine hood or a light cast stone hood. The best-quality hoods come in three parts. There is the over hood, the header and the support system. The over hood is the part found on top of the hood. It may or may not reach the ceiling and offers luxury unique design on the sides.

High end custom built homes have hoods whose headers come in a wide range of straight or relief patterned designs. The headers rest on the legs or corbels for support and can be used as mantle pieces if they protrude outward. As for the support system, this is usually the lowest part of the hoods. It offers support to the upper part of the hood. There is never one way to have a stone mantel on top of the range hood. It is possible to make individual specifications and have the hoods customized accordingly. For the most part, this will entail having the best stone hood company to do it at the most affordable prices.

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Florence Custom Stone Range Hood

The interior decor sector has made a lot of progress over the past years, with countless home additions being invented every year. If you are looking for ways to liven up your kitchen, the many options in the market could easily leave you more stranded. However, you can never get it wrong when you purchase the best quality stone range hood. In addition to channeling your kitchen aromas where you want them, a limestone hood or travertine hood is a perfect way to spruce up any luxury kitchen. With the durability and low maintenance costs that come with a stone hood, you can be sure to get value for every dollar paid.


custom stone range hood

  • Purchasing Online

The internet has literally revolutionized how people go about their business, and not even home remodeling was spared. You no longer need to walk into a brick and mortar store to get your kitchen a light cast stone hood. With products from the most experienced company, Marvelous Marble Design Inc., now available online, you can purchase your stone kitchen canopy from the comfort of your living room. Simply log into the official website and browse around for the luxury kitchen hood that interests you. If you have a 48″ range for instance, make sure you specify that you need a 48″ stone range hood.


  • Customize your Stone Hood

There are many advantages that you enjoy when you choose to purchase your hood from the web. However, perhaps the most exciting is that you can now order a custom design stone range hood over the internet. This will ensure the stone mantel on top of the range on your kitchen can’t be found anywhere else. Many high end customs built homes in Florida, Texas, New York and even Toronto now features these custom hoods. Order yours right away and transform the look, functionality and the value of your kitchen.

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Indiana Limestone Range Hood

In the past several decades, kitchen designs have become probably the most significant aspects of house design. High class appliances, solid exterior countertops, energy savers, and classic styles have become essential elements of a modern house. The other most important element of a modern house is of course the stone range hood. This is a type of vent fan that is normally placed on the cook top or a stove. This type of hood comes in a broad variety of types to suit different users. The most common types of stone range hoods include limestone hoods, travertine hoods, luxury kitchen hoods, French country hoods and more.


indiana limestone range hood

The main purpose of a stone range hood is to remove smoke and bad odor from the house. It normally pushes the smoke upward through its cavity and the ventilation system. Whether you have a cast stone hood or a stone range hood, you will be able to get rid of these elements easily since they all work the same. Apart from removing smoke, steam and odors from the house, stone range hoods can also be used for decoration purposes. With their astounding designs and shapes, these fittings will keep your house looking attractive and luxurious.


Therefore, whenever you are installing your French limestone hood it is important that you place it in a position where it will look more attractive. The good thing is that a stone range hood comes in various sizes. It is therefore very easy to find a 48” stone range hood for your custom designed kitchen. This installation is utilitarian in nature and can thus give your old looking house an improved look. What is more, it is very affordable and long lasting especially if it is made of limestone.

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Custom Cast or French Limestone Range Hood

Cast and French limestone hood designs have become very popular these days. This makes it possible for contractors and homeowners to get stone range hoods or French limestone range hoods they are looking for with ease. Today, many homeowners want to live in personalized homes. This implies that every aspect of their homes should have designs and looks of their choice. Manufacturers of stone range hood designs have also known this. They are offering different designs of stone hoods to contractors and homeowners. As such, it is possible to get almost any design of hoods that you are looking for whenever you go shopping.


limestone range hood

Nevertheless, not all outlets have exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, you need to carry out some research about different stores selling cast and limestone hoods. Find out if the outlet has the design you are looking for. Also make sure that the outlet from which you do your shopping has variety to enable you to choose a design that impresses you. By carrying out sufficient research, you can get different designs of a French country hood, a travertine hood or even a custom design stone range hood.  Manufacturers have come up with hoods that have contemporary looks to suit modern homes. Thus, whether you are in Florida, California or any other part of the world you can easily get your favorite design.


There are also high ceiling stone hoods and light cast stone hood designs in the current market. All that a contractor or homeowner has to do is research well for a website offering these hoods. Well-chosen limestone or cast stone hood designs give your home a unique and elegant look. This is what many owners of modern homes are looking for. Nevertheless, prices of different hood designs will always differ. Find out about these prices before you go shopping. You can look for products of companies such as the Marvelous Marble design Inc to get the best quality hoods. Nevertheless, make sure that you shop from an outlet that gives you the best deal in your living room or luxury kitchen hood.

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Limestone and Cast Stone Hood

Proper selection of a limestone hood or a cast stone hood is very important when building a home. Current markets have a wide array of stone range hood designs from which constructors and homeowners can choose from. Unlike in the past when shoppers could go for any stone hood or limestone hood design, modern day homeowners are different. They are looking for more personalized designs of stone range hoods. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the large number of designs in the current market. A large number of outlets selling these products stock custom design stone range hood that include luxury kitchen hoods, high ceiling stone hoods and light cast stone hoods, among others. With this vast collection, you can be sure to get the design you want when constructing your home.



cast stone hood

Custom Florence stone range hood

There are many outlets from which you can purchase hoods with a unique design for your application. Thus, whether you are in Texas, Chicagoor any other part of the world, you are assured of getting a design of your choice. Nevertheless, although there are many outlets from which you can purchase your hoods, not all of them can give you the best deal in your shopping. Therefore, find out which outlet provides the buyers the best deal before you go shopping.


You can get information about different outlets selling cast stone hoods and limestone hoods from review websites. Many homeowners will always write reviews about an outlet after purchasing their hoods. Such reviews can give you important insight to guide you in your shopping. Also visit different outlets to find out more about their prices. Whether you are looking for a stone kitchen canopy or a French limestone hood, you should get it at an affordable price. There are many outlets from which you can get luxury and even ordinary class designs. All you need is to visit different outlets before doing your shopping.

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Stone Range Hood that Matches Your Kitchen

Over the past few years, kitchen remodeling has become a very popular topic among homeowners. This is not only because it adds to the interior decor but also increases the value of the home. If you are thinking of ways to liven up your kitchen, then getting a stone range hood is always a good place to start. Luckily, the market has quite a variety so getting a luxury kitchen hood for each of your high end custom built homes shouldn’t be a problem. But what do you need to do to get a unique design that best fits your luxury kitchen’s design?


stone range hood

Florance stone range hood with 60″ wolf range

Explore the Various Types

A stone hood is one of the most sought after kitchen addition these days. As a result, manufacturers have been forced to come up with various options to suit different kitchens. Whether you need a French limestone hood, light cast stone hood or a travertine hood, online outlets have countless varieties for you to try out. The problem with this variety is that choosing the perfect one for your kitchen will never be easy. You will have to consider the color and theme of your kitchen interior when making a choice. When you purchase the best quality range hood from the most experienced company, you will always get crucial advice on the design that suits you. The feel and texture of your walls and ceilings should also help you make a choice.


This is not to say that you should purchase any limestone hood as long as it will suit your kitchen design perfectly. There are many other things that you will have to put into account. You will need to know the dimensions of your range before you even start shopping online. You do not want to purchase a 60″ range stone hood for a 48″ range. With these considerations in mind, getting the right hood will only take a short while.

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Limestone Hoods in New York

If you live in a luxury home in New York, there is no question you are interested in making your home one of the most attractive homes. There are several ways of meeting this end but one of the most reliable one is through the use of limestone hoods. With this type of stone range hood, you can add luxury as well as quality to the home regardless of whether it is built or its style. This is thanks to the availability of custom design range hoods. These are designed by sculptors who are well experienced and it is the quality of workmanship that will leave you impressed and everyone else who visits your home.



limestone hoods

stone range hood by Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

You can choose to have the stone mantel on top of the range installed in your kitchen and this will increase the value of the kitchen and also make it more convenient and easy to use. When choosing cast stone hood, it is also important to remember that it comes in different designs. It is therefore up to you to select one that meets the needs of your luxury home. While at it, also make sure that the size selected is one that sits in well with your needs and in this case, you can make a pick from the 48” stone range hood or the 60” range stone hood. The choice made should be one that is based on the size of your kitchen and the kind of look or feel you want to pull off.


For the French limestone hood to have the desired effect in your home, you need to ensure that it is designed by professionals. It is for this reason that you need to consider the possibility of hiring Marvelous Marble Design Inc. This company has earned reputation as for offering the best quality arch mantle stone hoods and it is for this reason that it is hired by most of the high end custom built homes in the region.

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Beautiful Custom Stone Range Hood

Stone range hoods have been in use for a long duration and more people have been buying them on a daily basis and mainly to decorate and change the look of their kitchens. Whether you live in New York or California or any sorrounding cities, you can easily get your favorite design in the market. There are many dealers in the market that are known for offering high quality stone range hoods, but it is not easy to choose the best company. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is one of the many companies that have been creating a lot of buzz in these regions and it is a great idea to visit its stores and get the best design that you may be in need of.

custom stone range hood

Gathic stone range hood


Choosing the best stone range hood is not easy, you need to be very considerate and get the best designs that will suit your needs and requirements. One thing that you should keep in mind is the many styles that are available for you. There are a couple of styles to choose from and one design that is high on demand is the stone kitchen canopy. This is a design that hangs over your cooktop and it is also positioned against your kitchen wall. You will find it either in stainless steel or glass and also in different sizes and so you need to pick the best. When it comes to size, you will come across scales such as 48″ stone range hood and the 60″ range stone hood that will fit your kitchen perfectly.


Lighting is the other essential thing to look at as you buy your stone range hood. You need to go for designs such as light cast stone hood that will offer high quality lighting. You need to also look at the position as you will stumble upon high ceiling stone hoods that will offer a quieter environment. Other stone range hood designs that you should try if you desire a nice kitchen with better suction and low levels of noise is the French limestone hood and travertine hood among others. If you want high end custom build homes and low-fuss appearance kitchens, you need to choose the best stone range hoods in the market.

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Custom Indiana Limestone Range Hood

A Stone range hood is one of the most important additions anyone can add to their custom kitchen. Traditionally, hoods were only designed to pick up the aromas and odors from cooking. However, today they play a major role in adding to the interior decor of a kitchen, especially with the introduction of the stone range hood. Home remodeling shows are now flooded with different types of these hoods that you are likely to be spoilt for choice. No matter your tastes or preferences, it won’t take long before a travertine or limestone hood catches your eye. But why exactly should you insist on stone?


indiana limestone range hood


There are many options that you could settle for when looking for a kitchen hood. However, here are some of the reasons you need to insist on a stone hood every time:

  •  Great designs: If you are looking for a luxury kitchen hood that will make your kitchen the place everyone wants to visit, then you can never get it wrong with stone. You could even order a custom design stone range hood made specifically for your kitchen.
  • Variety: Stone hoods are available in a huge variety of precious stones to meet every kitchen’s needs. You could choose to go with French or Indian limestone, or just stick to the elegant travertine.
  •  Durability: When it comes to durability, nothing else matches a stone kitchen canopy. Not only will it last decades without losing luster but it also requires very little attention in maintenance.

With these benefits, it is clear that a stone hood guarantees value for money.



As you shop around for a hood, make sure the one you purchase fits perfectly to your kitchen’s interior decor. You also need to measure your range so that you don’t purchase a 48″ stone range hood for a 36″ range.

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Modern Limestone Range Hood

Creating a beautiful home is not a hard task. Chiefly, anyone can do it. However, creating a beautiful, warm and attractive environment that makes a statement means taking an extra step to explore the best Stone Range Hood. They have an immense ability to create a unique environment in a home and define your personality. With the hood, you can make your home an envy of your friend’s and create a comforting, cool, warm and ideal environment for everyone at home.


modern limestone range hood

Stone Range Hoods come in a wide array of beautiful designs and styles. Depending on the existing décor in your home, you can either settle for stone hoods, limestone hoods or travertine hoods. These are classical hoods that work best in different kitchen design. They are a high quality and exceptional collection that will add an instant appeal to your home. Moreover, stone range hoods are beautifully crafted and will add an artistic touch to your home. You can use the luxury French limestone kitchen hood to make the kitchen unique and artistic. With a wide range of hoods, you can always settle for the best that will add beauty and elegance to your kitchen and home at large.


Additionally, there are great inspirations including French country hoods and French limestone hoods among others. These are quality pieces and amazing collections that will create a whole new look in your home. They are also highly innovational; they are inspired by nature and are a true reflection of modern architecture. They work best for old and modern home designs. Therefore, they create a warm, comfortable and appealing environment in your home. The hoods are great pieces and you will always find a collection that works best for your home. They add appeal and an instant value to a home. What’s more, they have the best longevity and durability features and will create a lasting appeal in your home.

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Custom Modern Stone Range Hood

If you are considering the possibility of purchasing a custom modern stone range hood, there are a couple of needs you need to bear in mind. For starters, the market has numerous designs for you to choose from and for the purpose of ensuring that you get one that compliments your individual needs, you can settle with a custom design stone range hood. The light cast stone hood is designed to cover your kitchen exhaust system and it is placed above cook stoves. In addition to this, because of the manner in which these are designed, they also have a decorative touch and this further increases the appeal they offer.

custom modern stone range hood


The limestone hood is designed using authentic and natural limestone. Because of this aspect, you can rest assured that they have also been formulated by highly gifted sculptors. If you are interested in luxury kitchen hoods, it is also possible to get the same design and this goes a long way to make it easy for you to access a hood that is dynamic and yet, designed with a professional touch. The type of hood you choose also determines whether you are able to enjoy use of your kitchen and when selecting a design, it is always advisable to look at all the possible options before making a choice.


For example, you can choose to settle with the arch mantel stone hood or the high ceiling stone hood. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that it is the appropriate size and design for your kitchen for the purpose of ensuring that it is well complimented. The manufacturing process of the hoods will vary in accordance to the sculptors you choose and the experience they have. Therefore, it is important to ensure you weigh your options carefully when choosing a sculptor. This is the only way to ensure at the end of the day, you get a hood that perfectly addresses your needs and compliments your luxury kitchen.

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Modern Stone Range Hood Benefits

In most luxury homes, stone ranges have become an important fixture and this is because of the benefits it offers. It is eye catching and a complimentary feature to any high end limestone back splashes and counter tops. With this luxury kitchen hood, you can transform the look of your kitchen and make it more attractive. You can choose a stone hood that is designed by gifted sculptors in order to ensure that it stands out perfectly.

modern stone range hood


There are a couple of benefits associated with this type of hood and some of these are as highlighted below.


  • Luxury kitchen hoods come in different styles and this makes it easy for you to select one that compliments your kitchen and sets it apart from others. By going through a catalog, you will come across different designs and each is sculpted by an expert a fact that makes it increasingly easy to find one that compliments your personal style and preference.
  • These also come in different sizes yet another aspect that ensures you end up with one that meets your needs. In this case, you have the option of making a choice from the 48” stone range hood or the 60” stone range hood. In essence, the size options are endless and the ultimate choice is dependant on the size of your kitchen and the manner in which you intend to use the hood. For this reason, make sure that you get accurate measurements of your kitchen in order to increase the possibility of making an informed choice.
  • These are designed using high quality materials and you can also rest assured that they are stain and chemical proof. This aspect ensures that they remain well maintained for the longest time possible. They have been designed in a manner that ensures they are protected from any unwanted blemishes as well.


More importantly, you also have the chance of choosing a custom design stone range hood and this makes the experience more worthwhile and rewarding.

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Perfect Stone Range Hood Designs

Stone range hood designs have been in use for many years. They are important for decorating homes; both inside and outside the house. These hoods are capable of transforming your old, ordinary looking house into a valuable space. However, for you to enjoy the benefits provided by these stone hood installations, you have to go for the best designs. The good thing is that there are numerous companies today that provide amazing stone range hood designs. These companies also provide different types of stone hoods that are normally made of different types of stones. Therefore, it is very easy for you to find a wonderfully created French limestone hood for your house.

How to Find Them

So how do you find the best stone range hood designs? There are several important factors that you always have to bear in mind. For instance, you have to consider the type of stone used. If you are looking for a luxury kitchen hood that will give you top class quality and longevity, then limestone hood is the best option for you. Limestone is known for its high quality and strength. Having a stone range hood made of limestone in your house is a great house improvement idea.

stone range hood design

Custom Florence stone range hood

Another important factor that you should consider is the purpose of the stone range hood. Knowing where the hood will be placed is important because it will enable you to choose the design that suits the place. You can also go for a travertine hood that is mounted on the wall especially if it is for the kitchen.  You should also pay enough attention to the features of the French country hood that you intend to buy. Since most hoods are meant to remove smoke, steam and other unnecessary elements in the kitchen, then you should go for a stone range hood with features that can serve these purposes.


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Genova Stone Range Hoods in 10ft Ceiling

This beautifully hand carved genuine Travertine Limestone stone range hoods is the perfect addition that will make your custom built kitchen exclusive and gorgeous. The Genova corbels are custom built and are very classical. They are very sturdy and strong and can withstand the heaviness of the stone range hoods. The canopy of this piece has been very meticulously hand carved.  The canopy has a recess layer in the center of the hood which will attract the eye.

stone range hoodsIn the middle of the recess layer is a decorative piece of stone design and is exemplified by the bordering recess layer, meaning to bring attention to the center medallion. This piece’s back splash runs along the entire wall of the kitchen. The back splash is a tile mosaic design that consists of slim rectangular stone pieces. For further information on this piece please call us at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at

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Battista French Limestone Range Hood

Battista is a gorgeous and beautiful hand carved French limestone range hood. It is 36″ wide, but can be custom made to best fit your measurements in your custom built kitchen. This piece is very elegant and detailed. The canopy of this piece is a very detailed and beautiful addition. The canopy reaches to the ceiling and is topped off with a crown molding finish. The canopy itself is sloped upwards to add emphasis to the over all look of the piece.

french limestone range hood

The actual French limestone range hood itself is an arch shape to add an old style design. The corbels of this piece do not reach down to the counter top, but can be custom made to do so. The back splash of this piece is a diamond tile design inside the hood and behind it, but surrounding the hood, the back splash is an old rectangular diamond back splash made out of rough stone. For further information on this piece please call us at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at

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Wiltshire Custom Built Stone Range Hood

Wiltshire is a wonderfully hand carved stone range hood with an arch style opening that gives any kitchen a medieval touch. This beautifully designed Limestone kitchen hood is perfect for any custom built kitchen. It can be custom made to best fit your kitchen with the highest quality possible. This limestone hood can also be designed to be a double sided hood to present you with twice the beauty in just one piece.

Gothic Stone Range Hood

Extravagant carvings surround this elegantly hand carved stone range hood.  This hood is perfect for any custom kitchen with a Gothic style. This hood can be placed on your kitchen island’s counter top or against the wall. As you can see in the picture above this hood can be detailed with many things, such as lighting. This hood is a wonderful piece and will fit well in either an inside kitchen or a patio kitchen.

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stone range hoods in new houses

during past few years , having a stone range hood in luxury high end custom built kitchen is a most. kitchen designer are replacing the wood or cabinet built hood with nice and unique decorated limestone hood.

with a new Technic light limestone hood can be installed in any kitchen wall with almost no extra work for support.

please feel free to contact Marvelous Marble Design Inc. for any further information at 1-888-272-0630.

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Stone hoods

The stone range hood will bring a worm and old luxury to your kitchen. These cast stone hood are designed to installed in any Ny custom kitchens

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stone range hood

the light stone range hood in luxury kitchen. any limestone kitchen hood can be installed in 10 ft ceiling

custom built kitchen and bring the ultimate beauty to the home and easly will be a focal point of kitchen.

gothic Stone range hood

Gathic stone range hood

Gathic stone range hood

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stone kitchen hood

limestone range hood

stone range hood by Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

marvelous marble design stone kitchen hood can be installed in any luxury kitchen.

for 48″ to 60″ range in 10 ft ceiling kitchen you can have the stone range hood.

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48″ stone range hood

there is nothing better than stone range hood in luxury kitchen. you can have this kind of stone or marble range hood with your clive christian kitchen cabinets or La Cornue stove.

if your range is in your island still you can have this kind of luxury hood over your range with or with out corbel or legs.

Florance range hood with 60" wolf range

Florance stone range hood with 60" wolf range

cast stone range hood is light enough to hange on the ceilling or even on interior wall. we can make the custom stone or marble range hood. we can ship the stone range hood directly from our facility in toronto ontario to your site anywhere in north america.

please call us for more information at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our web site at

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stone range hood

Have you ever dreamed that your kitchen can have a stone range hood? Well now you can, with a reproduction of stone range hood from the 18th century of the Royal European Family kitchen. This limestone range hood can be installed with electric or gas burning ranges. The limestone kitchen hood can have a unique design. These stone range hood are made from natural limestone and has a beautiful crown molding that finishes the hood on ceiling. The range hood canopy can be simple but elegant and designed like a brick wall. The frieze of the range hood has the same design as the hood crown molding. As you can see this stone range hood would be a great addition to your kitchen.

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Stone Range Hood

Limestone, Marble, Limestone range hood surround, Stone hood mantel, Indiana limestone hood, Old French limestone range can define your house where ever you are.

The Marble, Lime Stone, Travertine and Granite stones add an edge to your kitchen Hood Designs. The stone range hoods are one of the favourite of many of our clients and the ASID Designers.

Range hoods serve as a very functional piece or tool, in the kitchen area. The Kitchen Hoods from Marvelous Marble Design have the ability to whisk grease, food smells, smoke, steam and unwanted polluted hot air up and away from your kitchen and cooking areas.

Limestone range hood surround Range hoods make the kitchen and surrounding areas much more pleasant places to be in when cooking up a storm for the family or guests. An addition of Old French limestone range Hoods in your kitchen will increase the value of your home and the kitchen.

Kitchens are such a central location to any family home, that you want to enjoy it and for it to be a clean area, which is where range hoods come into play. The quality added from the stone range hoods is just magnificent and an unforgivable look added to the design of your kitchen.

Why use stone substitutes in your kitchen, when you can have Limestone, Stone range Marble, Limestone range hood surround, Stone hood mantel, Indiana limestone hood, Old French limestone range which you can find at Marvelous Marble Design stone hood gallery. The custom made stone range hoods are the principal focal points of any American kitchen. Installing the stone range hoods will add a dramatic visual statement and complete your kitchen with a beautiful quality.

Old French limestone range from Marvelous Marble Design are designed and created using century old techniques developed by Italian monks some 400 years ago. These unique Limestone stone range hoods will help transforming your kitchen into the one that can be found in the 18th century Italian villas built on the coast of Santa Barbara, Santa Monica in California.

Many architects and ASID designs in the United States see various elements from Marvelous Marble Design Limestone, Marble, Limestone range hood surround, Stone hood mantel, Indiana limestone hood, Old French limestone range hoods. This economizes on mold and production costs.

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limestone Range Hoods

Having the Stone range hood is best choice for changing the kitchen look. These limestone kitchen hoods will be a focal point of any high end kitchen design.

Florence stone range hood in toronto

Florence stone range hood

Having nice limestone travertine 24”X24” tile with unique marble pattern on it will be good match for stone range hood.

The stone range hood is light enough to hang on the wall between the cabinet. Your stone hood can go all the way to the ceiling with floral crown moulding. Even you can have the same moulding on the top of you wood cabinet and make ultimate design.

You can have the stone kitchen hood with legs on the top of counter top or you can order with two corbels under the hood.

Cast stone range hood is another option which you can use instead of solid limestone kitchen hood. The look will be very similar but it is lighter and cheaper. Easy to install and low shipping cost.

The cast stone range hoods can be made in different color and finishes. You can order polished limestone hood surround which look like marble.

Wolf range top or stove will reach to its ultimate beauty when you add the lime stone range hood on top.

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Limestone Island Range Hood

Cast stone hood is the best option for stone island hood because this kind of hood is suspended from the ceiling the weight is the most important factor in designing the hood.

Mould stone hood is much litter than solid stone hood and is less expensive hood.

The thickness of cast stone hood wall in canopy is less than 1” which leave lots of room inside the hood for installing the hood liner. You can now easily use the cast limestone kitchen hood on top of your island for your 48” wolf range cook top.

The manufacturing process is fast and you can have the stone range hood installed in your kitchen less than two weeks.

The installation of cast stone island kitchen hood is pretty simple and any good general contractor can install the island cast limestone kitchen hood by using the Marvelous Marble Design hood installation instruction.

Please for getting the estimate regarding your island cast stone kitchen hood call us at 1-888-272-0630

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stone range hood

In luxury estate homes, stone range hood and limestone kitchen hoods have become an eye-catching staple and a complimentary feature of any high end kitchen cabinets and granite counter tops or limestone back splash. Marvelous Marble Design Inc, has become a premier supplier of natural limestone and cast limestone range hoods in california, New York ,Florida and Texas . We offer a wide selection of authentic natural  limestone travertine range hoods that are all hand-carved and impeccably formulated by some of the world’s most gifted sculptors. To supplement the high-end nature of all our kitchen hoods, our first-rate gallery has a stain-resistant and stain-proof chemical that has been specially pressurized to protect and guard our brand of range hoods from unwanted blemishes. Our marble kitchen hood gallery includes premium stone range hoods, which can have a statement-making kitchen / range hood mansard with a frieze panel that is ornamented by stone carved floral, arched headers, an over-hood that extends to your high-ceiling and crisscrossing stone ribs that add a dynamic yet professional touch.  We have 65″ Florence range hood Surround, with corbels and column legs that may be used to not only functionally support your range hood but also to eloquently bracket your header, which shadows your stove top to give it the illusion of sublime borders.

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limestone french range hood

in old French or Italian kitchen design having a hand carved solid limestone range hood was th must. traditional french range hoods are supported by two corbels and the whole hood can be carved in different shapes, sizes, to fit your stove (36″,48″,even 60″) and kitchen wall cabinet. These European style carved limestone, marble or travertine kitchen hood hood can be a focal point of any chateau.limestone range hood

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. with decades of carving experience in these specialties can create your dream kitchen hood.

please don’t hesitate to visit our web site at:

or contact us at : 1-888-272-0630

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Hand Carved limestone range hoods

we have the best collection of the hand carved limestone kitchen hood in North America. Our limestone kitchen hoods have been installed in all over this continent.

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